Welcome to FrontPocket

Web & Mobile App Design Melbourne

Our Story

We are a group of developers based in Melbourne, Australia, who have worked together through the entirety of our Undergraduate Degrees, studying all general aspects of ICT. We felt that it would be a wasted opportunity if we did not take the next step of continuing our passion together after graduating, which is to create elegant, efficient, and powerful solutions. And thus FrontPocket was born!

We wish to help people who need to take that next step in bringing their idea to the field of Mobile Apps and Website Design, with a strong aim to satisfy the requirements and have the developed solution target the correct markets, reaching the intended people around the world!

What we love doing the most!


Michael Tigas

  • Android Development 100%
  • UI & UX Experience 80%
  • Website Development 80%
  • iOS Development 70%
  • IT Infrastucture Systems 55%

Martyn Hole

  • Backend Development 100%
  • API Integration 90%
  • Android Development 75%
  • Database Design & Development 75%
  • Interactive Web Apps 65%

Mark Fulton

  • Website Development 90%
  • Android Development 90%
  • iOS Development 80%
  • Mobile Databases 80%
  • Server Maintenance 75%