FrontPocket is a mobile app platform consultancy for startups and business’ that need a scalable and sustainable platform for their product.

Unlike other consultancies, FrontPocket focuses on funded startups, and small- to mid-sized business’, as we have extensive experience working in and consulting for startups.

This experience has given us insight into problems faced at this level, which we can leverage to help you avoid, and deliver a durable mobile app platform.

We understand startups, so the architecture choices we make reflect the realities that flexibility, scalability, and quick iterations can mean the difference between success and failure. We call this type of architecture “feature-scalable”.

What we take care of

FrontPocket Foundation

We develop feature-scalable mobile app platforms, applying a road-tested methodical approach specifically tailored for small- to medium-size business’. We work closely with you to build your platform with a long-term direction, and the foresight of mobile platform and standard engagement pitfalls.

FrontPocket Upkeep

Systematically stay in touch with loyal users of your platform, executing strategies to keep learning and moving fast. An essential tool after launching that gives you a solid understanding of whether features you’ve worked hard to market and implement are functional and being used, and whether your platform is up to date with new platform updates and device releases.

FrontPocket Insight

Gain insight into where your platform currently sits, and how you can move forward. We provide you with an actionable report roadmap, articulating the risk surrounding your platform, and how to best address it so you can start taking action right now, and continue growing.

Who is FrontPocket?

FrontPocket is a process of delivering a quality mobile app presence. Here’s a little bit more about FrontPocket, lead by Michael Tigas, and how his passion for approaching mobile platforms at this scale can help deliver your platform, to prevent common problems faced before and after launching.

Some of our fantastic clients


Michael’s combination of expertise and enthusiasm helped us rearchitect our platform, allowing us to expand into New Zealand and the USA. With his help we have since seen a 2.8x boost in daily active users!

Garth Adams

I Know The Pilot

Mike helped craft our first ever mobile app. He guided us through the architecture & strategy and has built and maintained our app expertly.

Dan Libbesson

Blackhawk Network

From mitigating technical debt to ongoing actionable insight, Michael’s contribution has been instrumental to the success of our mobile products.

Scott McIntosh


Lock in a Private Consultation

We’re looking for the best clients to have a great relationship with. If our mindset to help you get the best out of your platform resonates, we would love to hear from you. Punch in your details, and a description of what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll get back to you with a few questions to see if we can help you.