What is FrontPocket?

Hey there! I’m Michael.

FrontPocket began as a medium to help connect closer with startup and business owners, to educate and inform them about the most important challenges they’ll face when building a new mobile app platform and launching it, or revitalising an existing platform.

My mobile adventure kicked off as a graduate working with the Innovation Lab at Swinburne University, where I soon became the first employee at a startup based in Melbourne – Australia.


This was a great opportunity for me to juggle multiple startup responsibilities, from working on the product’s app, website, backend, while simultaneously managing customer support interactions, and expectations, over the course of two years with a great founder. Living and breathing the day-to-day startup life, building and improving on our product’s experience with limited resources.


I’ve also dealt with scaling, user growth, and retention frustrations, facing up to unforeseen technical problems and roadblocks. The kind of problems which indefinitely halt feature development and turn a startup on its head, forcing you to scramble together to improve the situation yesterday. Plenty of stress here folks!


Having worked as a Freelancer for many years, I now empathise with the frustrations that startup and business owners face, observing common themes between their experiences and my own, and is a motivating factor behind why I created FrontPocket.

FrontPocket gives me the opportunity to take lessons experienced, apply my passion of mobile app platforms with energetic product owners, to architect and continuously learn from the feature-scalable mobile app platforms we create.

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