FrontPocket Insight

An actionable plan to understand your platform, identify wins, and continue growing

You’re looking to add new features to your platform, with a pressing business priority.


It’s been a while since the app was last updated, and approaching a mobile development team to have them include new features doesn’t pan out as expected. They knock you back.


“What you’re asking for is unrealistic because of the timeframe”
“Since the apps were last updated, *insert platform constraint restrictions* has been introduced”
“We cannot release these features for your app until these restrictions have been optimised for, then you can continue with a standard release-cycle”


You ponder over this roadblock:
“I need these features released”
“I don’t understand why some of these restrictions should be stopping me”
“I’m not too sure how to approach these restrictions, or how to address them without hindering the business in the short term”


Having spoken to plenty of business’ in a similar situation to this, we understand that you need to get moving again, but with the additional foresight of where your platform currently stands, to account for these situations moving forward.


FrontPocket Insight caters for this with an actionable report roadmap, guiding you in this situation with minimal but clarified risk.


What you’ll get

Initially I’ll request access to your analytical tools (or get you up to speed first if you are unsure), and customise them to return the most qualitative data from your mobile app platform over a two week period. We will provide you with an actionable plan detailing the strategies, remedies, and feasibility of continuing to build on top of it, where you can take action from our findings and advice immediately.


This plan will highlight the challenges ahead for you, UX and Technical, how to stamp out these problems, and include other quick wins. A strong recommendation for what should be addressed first will be included, where we can address one round of feedback.


With a newfound understanding on how to tackle the issues facing your mobile app platform, you will be able to make better business assumptions and accurate timeframe expectations moving forward with your mobile app platform.


Insight is a great starting point to help you continue releasing features that people want, and will provide you the momentum to get started.


Lock in a Private Consultation

We’re looking for the best clients to have a great relationship with. If our mindset to help you get the best out of your platform resonates, we would love to hear from you. Punch in your details, and a description of what you’re looking to achieve. We’ll get back to you with a few questions to see if we can help you.