FrontPocket Upkeep

Plan and execute post-launch strategies, to keep learning and moving fast with your mobile app platform

Creating and maintaining a platform leaves you with the same responsibilities of a general product manufacturer, driving you to refine and improve outcomes.


Bring more people in, enable them to use and/or purchase your product, and keep them around. They might spread the word about how great your product is in return!


This understanding of organic growth is important for mobile user conversion. You should be aspiring to apply these similar practices for your mobile app platform after your have launched, driving user engagement and retention, but also ensuring the platform is operating as best possible with each year of device and platform updates.


The importance of a long-term vision

You expect to continually iterate on your brand, try new marketing campaigns, run the business in general, and while juggling all of these responsibilities you can see it’s pretty easy to get caught up in all of it. As a result it’s quite common your platform is unintentionally “put on auto-pilot”, avoiding accountability for keeping people interested, and retaining a quality experience.


Establishing a long-term roadmap for your platform, ideally prior to launch, helps you avoid this situation by keeping you in check, making sure you’re processing valuable insights collected by your platform to influence business decisions. And even when times get busy, you will be able to predict insights ahead of time which can be growth blocking, such as new platform updates, device releases, and general technical debt, so you don’t fall into the trap of playing catch up, when you should be pushing new features.


If you’ve already launched and still haven’t outlined a benchmark for the first 3, 6, or 12 months since, FrontPocket Upkeep will help you start taking charge.


What you’ll get

FrontPocket Upkeep helps you keep in touch with your active users, to understand whether they’re taking advantage of features you’ve worked hard to market, so you can focus on iterating and refining them. Upkeep also aims to identify and act against roadblocks that can block platform growth down the track, to ensure you remain on top of your game and move fast. These roadblocks include platform updates, store updates, and framework updates (services your app relies on to deliver value).


When launching your platform, or even if already launched, quite often there is plenty of low hanging fruit to start optimising and learning from. We will create a system to address these optimisations and earlier responsibilities to keep your platform running great, delivering key insights along the way.


We believe in a proactive approach, and understand the importance of taking ownership of these responsibilities to enable you to continue working hard on your business, and be kept in the loop with everything that happens so you never face any nasty surprises when planning to launch a range of new features.


Upkeep’s roadmap looks to the next year ahead, but operates on a quarter-year basis, to ensure we’re making progress on tasks that may stretch over this period.


We will also optimise your store listing page for the most effective organic ranking, extremely important if you have a B2C platform.


Optionally, Upkeep also offers the ability to help you grow your platform, implementing strategies used by professional mobile marketers to further improve user conversion and ratings, at the fraction of the cost to hire one.


Lock in a Private Consultation

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